Sony WH-CH500 Headphones Review

Decent & inexpensive Bluetooth headphones with strong bass and good battery life.

Sony WH-CH500 Headphones
Sony WH-CH500 Headphones. WH-CH500-B is the full model name, where B stands for black.

Here’s my take on the Sony WH-CH500 wireless Bluetooth on-ear headphones I’ve been using for a couple of months.

Sound-wise, the headphones are good. At least considering the fact they aren’t expensive. The price was $65 after $15 off. The headphones can be quite loud. The bass is strong and not muddy. The highs are quite clear and pleasant, not harsh. On the other hand, mids are a kind of absent / distant. So, i guess the WH-CH500 are good for listening of electronic / dance / instrumental hip-hop and such and not so good for vocals-centric music. Overall, the sound is like you turned up the sub-bass and highest frequencies in an equalizer. Which is, I suppose, good for some and not for others.

Noise isolation is very good, almost like on quality over-the-ear headphones. The CH500 are on-ear. This pair of headphones doesn’t feature active noise cancellation, only passive.

The glossy speaker lids are very prone to scratches. The first scratches on them were visible literally after a couple of minutes of use (a light contact with my phone during NFC pairing created a small but visible scratch right away). Because of that, getting a carrying bag for the Sony WH-CH500 is a must I think. It is not included with the headphones. Other parts of the headphones are matte, so they can withstand scratches very well.

I wish the position notches on the headband were better at keeping the adjusted size. They are very subtle, so upper part of the headband will move when you take the headphones off. So you have to adjust the size when you use the headphones again.

Plastic on the headband is very stiff and there are no cushions on it, so comfort in that part isn’t good. On the other hand, clamping force seems to be quite optimal and ear-pads are soft and comfortable. The headphones’ very light weight is another plus on the comfort side.

As for Bluetooth connection quality, I had no problems with Bluetooth drop outs after hours of constant music playback with the phone being it the same room. Outdoors, I had no lost signal up to 12 meters away from phone (line of sight). Also, I had a stable connection with the phone and headphones being in different rooms, separated by a brick wall.

The microphone is decent in my opinion. At least for phone calls and online chats, which is the main use of the mic. It’s not a pro recording device.

Sony says the battery life of the Sony WH-CH500 is maximum 20 hours. I have measured the battery life in my daily use of the headphones, with listening to music at 50% volume (still very loud & clear) and a few short breaks in stand-by. The battery life in my case was around 18 hours before I got the battery low notification. I assume you can probably achieve 20 hours if you lower the volume.

That’s it! If you have any questions regarding my Sony WH-CH500 review, feel free to ask in the comment section below. I still have the headphones with me.


Sony WH-CH500 Headphones - Unboxed

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