Nova Launcher Icon Resizing / Enlargement is Now Free (in Ver. 6)

The first app I usually get from the Google Play store when setting up a new Android phone is Nova Launcher. It’s excellent and the most popular third-party launcher app on Android. It just got even better now, especially for those who use the free version of the launcher. The Nova Launcher ver. 6 (currently Beta) enables you to resize icons without the Nova Prime upgrade (it’s around $6 I think).

Before the added icon resizing option to the free version of the Nova Launcher, users of the free ver. were stuck with the default icons size which is rather small (like on the first image).

Home Screen icons prior to Nova Launcher 6 (maximal size that was free of charge):

Nova Launcher - Free Icons too Small Before Ver. 6

After (maximal size):

Nova Launcher - Larger Icons for Free

Besides icon resizing / enlargement for free, there are many more improvements. More about that and getting the ver. 6.0 Beta here.

Th Home screen icon resizing can be done in Nova Settings > Home screen > Layout > Icon Layout:

Nova Launcher Settings, Icon Size

Also, you can resize the App drawer icons in Nova Settings > App drawer > Layout > Icon Layout.

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