How to Type All Capital Letters on Android Phones’ Keyboards

Here’s a quick tip on how to type text in all capital letters (LIKE THIS) on Android phones’ touch keyboards.

Tap twice fast or tap an hold for a second the up arrow (shift) key in the lower left corner of the keyboard. The up arrow will become blue and all letters on the keyboard will become capital letters.

All Capital Letters on Android Phone Keyboard

To exit the all-caps mode tap on the up arrow key again once.

What if you want to put in upper-case text you have already typed? Select the text you want to capitalize. To do that, press and hold the existing text and use the selection cursors (or “select all” on the popup menu) to highlight the desired text. Now, just press the up arrow / shift key on the keyobard. The text will become “all-caps”. You can tap the same up arrow key again to transform the selected all-caps text to text with only the first capital letter. Or tap it again to transform to the text to all lower case letters.

All Caps Android

Normally, if you tap the up arrow key only once while typing, only the first letter you type after that will be capital and then the keyboard will revert to default lower-case letters.

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