How to Find Free Music Downloads via Android Phone, Computer (on Bandcamp)

Bandcamp is probably the biggest source for free (legal) music downloads on the Internet today. Not only that, it provides high-quality audio formats such as .flac, .aiff and .wav, besides more compact but lower-quality .mp3 and .aac.

If you are a regular Bandcamp visitor, you probably know that the website’s search option doesn’t allow you to find only free music by filtering out paid tracks and albums. Here’s a pair of quick tips on how to find a plenty of free music downloads on Bandcamp via your Android phone or computer (Apple iPhones and iPads don’t allow direct audio file downloads. You have to use a computer to put downloaded music on your iPhone & iPad.)

Find Free Bandcamp Music using Google

Go to on your Android phone on computer and in the search box type:

“name your price”

Find Free Music Downloads Online via Bandcamp

Name your price is the phrase used on artists’ Bandcamp pages to mark tracks and albums which can be downloaded for free or for any amount you want to pay. If you put zero (0) in the relevant price box after clicking on the Buy Now link (as shown on the image below), you’ll get access to audio file downloads completely free of charge. Of course, if you want to show your appreciation to the artists, you can send some amount of money to them online via the same box. Please note that some artists require your email address to allow access to free downloads.

In the Google search box, the “name your price” phrase should be put between quotes to exclude Bandcamp pages which have these words used in different contexts. True, you’ll also get some pages with Name Your Price as a song name, but we can’t avoid that :). phrase is used to tell Google we want search results only from web domain.

Bandcamp Free Music Downloads - Name Your Price
An example of a Bandcamp page with “name your price” enabled. Click on the Buy Now and enter zero as your price to get a free download.

This way, you can finds tons of pages with free music on BC. You’ll probably want to narrow your Google search results by including your preferred genre or artist in the query, like:

synthwave “name your price”

Or hip-hop, heavy metal, rock, techno, lo-fi house, complextro or any other genre. I think you can find free downloads in any popular or niche music genre via Bandcamp.

Also, you can find the freshest music by clicking on Tools option on Google’s search results pages and then selecting a time range like Past week, Past month, etc.

The same way you can search for:

“free download”

This will provide you with free Bandcamp downloads, too. You’ll find pages where the artists want to give away music absolutely for free, without enabling you to pay them at all. Using “name your price” instead of “free download” will give you more results, but if you use both phrases (separately, not in the same query) you’ll get the most results.

Find Free Music via Bandcamp Tags

It’s also worth noting that some artist tag their music on Bandcamp with “name your price”, “free download”, and similar phrases. Here are some of these tag pages:

The downside of finding free music via these tag pages is that many artist don’t tag their music with these phrases, so they are excluded. Also, some music misleadingly tagged with these phrases actually do have price tags. Still, I advise you to check out these Bandcamp tag pages, because most of the stuff you can find there is actually free. In addition, you have an option on the tag pages to find the most popular (Best Selling) and newest (New Arrivals) releases.

I hope this helps. Thanks for reading and let me know if this works for you. And what’s your favorite track / album you found this way. Cheers.

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